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Event Security

1Northwest Security Services provides courteous and professional security services at a formal or informal event. Our services include controlling entry, managing crowds, securing the floor during non-show hours, identifying areas of vulnerability, and catering to the individual needs of each event. We also coordinate with the venues to fulfill all security requirements. Regardless of the size of the event our customer service can’t be beat. We work with our clients and event managers to create a plan that identifies and addresses specific concerns.
Our security staff offer a huge skill set involved with event security, including:

Static and mobile security
Front of house security
Crowd management services
Emergency planning and evacuation procedures
Liaising with police and event organizers
CCTV surveillance
From preparing the initial security details to wrapping it all up, our security guards will be there from beginning to end ensuring your event stays secure throughout.

Responsibilities such as arranging security and emergency contingency plans and being first on the scene to provide first aid assistance make up only a fraction of the duties of our security guards.  Organizing the event entails that a number of issues are safely under control, including the number of people involved, the venue’s evacuation procedures, and custom designing your security guards relevant to your event.