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Disaster Emergency Response

Our ability to respond quickly in a time of crisis, with commitment to our customers’ business continuity plans, is one of 1Northwest Security Services’ greatest strengths.

At 1Northwest Security, we understand the impact of a proactive approach in minimizing loss during a crisis situation. We have decades of experience protecting clients during and after major disasters, assisting with recovery efforts, offering security solutions to enable business continuity, and working effectively with federal, state, and local government resources.

We recognize that oftentimes protection of personnel, facilities, and assets involves deployment of resources at the earliest stages possible to pro-actively mitigate the event’s impact on business. We have a long-standing track record and proud history of responding swiftly to clients in need with armed, unarmed or hybrid teams of officers. Our response teams are staffed with licensed, experienced retired or off-duty law enforcement officers, military personnel, and career security professionals.

Based on our proven experience with resources for disaster and emergency response, many Fortune companies count on in times of crisis.

Through our Disaster and Emergency Response Team (DERT), Our clients have access to additional, professionally trained personnel who can rapidly mobilize in response to threats from weather-related emergencies, fire, labor disputes, or other disruptions, large or small. Disaster and Emergency Response Team (DERT)

We can respond to a crisis situation with a Disaster and Emergency Response Team (DERT) trained and equipped to provide the crisis management support you need, consistent with your business continuity plans.

DERT can be deployed within eight hours of activation. We assemble a team of personnel with skills, backgrounds, and credentials to fit the specific need, drawing from law enforcement, military, and security resources. Logistical support, state guard licensing authorizations, communications equipment, and other support can be coordinated by a standing task force at our corporate office. Supervision is provided by seasoned law enforcement officers.


The following are among the benefits delivered by our Disaster and Emergency Response program: